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Ten Commandments part of history, N.M. city leaders to say in appeal of court order | Fox News
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Michigan Yooper Trivia
lower harbour pair UPaw entries

Upper Peninsula Facts – Movoto

Here’s a neat bunch of trivia about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula I found on real estate site Movoto.


These are a few of my favorites:

 The Iron Ore, an Upper Peninsula newspaper, was sued for slander by Teddy Roosevelt. An editorial piece, called “The Teddy Way” accused him of getting drunk “not infrequently.” His…

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Grand Marais, MI and the Grand Sable Dunes

Grand Marais, MI and the Grand Sable Dunes

Below is a great video from Marquette County, MI News 10 about Grand Marais, MI and the nearby Grand Sable Dunes.

I was also quite inspired by the scenery there.



SABLE FALLS, MI ​11″ x 14″

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Butt music, but probably not the kind you’re thinking of…
25 Creepy Paintings of Renaissance Babies

25 Creepy Paintings of Renaissance Babies

I understand the messed up elephants in my last post, but didn’t any artists from the Renaissance ever see a baby?

25 Creepy Paintings of Renaissance Babies.

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14 Creepy Medieval Beasts That Look Nothing Like Real Animals
President Garfield’s Tomb Robbed

President Garfield’s Tomb Robbed

President Garfield’s Tomb Robbed

Someone broke into the President James A. Garfield Monument and stole commemorative spoons. 

When the Boy was younger, he could recite all the presidents in order. His little head was a trove of presidential trivia. So when we went to Cleveland, OH in 2008 we knew we had to take him to see President Garfield’s tomb  in Lakeview Cemetery. The structure is an…

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